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Author Topic: many Ms. put on wearing van cleef & arpels clover pendant turquoisecopy become d  (Read 59 times)
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« on: November 23, 2017, 04:39:40 pm »

dnf the current version of the ultimate minus CD equipment with CD to choose it
Here in order to achieve the best CD effect, we have chosen the soul of 3, with the left and right grooves Horace 2 pieces together Horace 2 pieces is also about CD slot both CD reduction effect (except for the exception) ) For those who need to make up for the corresponding level skills CD lack of players, in fact, is a very good choice of armor selection is magic war three, with the time control of shoulder pads, this is currently the best CD reduction armor, Shoulder CD magic death battle, in any equipment with all the Vetiver, so count it down, we will not use a shoe, if you want to completely match all parts, you can change it into a giant three pieces of gold inlaid necklace, and then With the bracelet ring and shoes with a session of the three-piece, so to become theoretically strong CD reduction effect van cleef and arpels butterfly earrings replica of course, we finally have to say is to reduce the CD agent, mental stimulation is to achieve the ultimate effect of reducing the CD this is necessary After a match, we finally the original 11 seconds CD skills last 3 seconds left, according to the data to count, and finally reduce the CD value of 73 (all add the formula 85, but the election in the reduction of CD fake clover earrings van cleef equipment, there are some things Take some things to add, the multiplication of equipment with the benefits of less, so the value is less than the sum of all calculations) Finally, we still have to remind you, in fact, the choice of weapons will make our CD have a great impact, The ancient three-reduction CD single breath itself has a good CD reduction effect, and the weapon itself is the default value of the latter minus the CD, for example, the wand CD is 5, and the wand is +10, the same skills you The effect of a wand and a wand fake van cleef mother of pearl earrings without any CD bonus can make a difference of 15 CDs, so it's important to choose the right weapon to reach the limit CD!
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