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Ten classic conspiracy theories
Conspiracy theorists seem to come in two flavours   there are those apparently intelligent people who are extremely passionate about what they see as massive cover ups and frauds. Then there are the fringe dwelling nutters who wear tinfoil hats to keep the satellites from spying on them.A video posted on YouTube showing Michael Jackson emerging from a coroner's van has just been revealed as an experiment to show just how vca butterfly necklace fake ( quickly knock off van cleef and arpels mini alhambra necklace ( suspect theories can be spread across the web. Quite quickly, it would seem, with 880,000 hits on the hoax clip in just one day.Here's our selection of the best, or should that be worst, conspiracy theories ever.1. 9/11There are people who believe that the September 11 attacks van cleef lucky alhambra necklace copy ( on New York's World Trade Centre and the Pentagon were either orchestrated by the American government and that well respected genius George W Bush, or simply allowed to happen.The web is bursting with variations on that theme, including claims that the Pentagon damage was caused by a missile fired from inside the building and that no wreckage from the American Airlines 757 was found at the scene.Read more here and Popular Mechanics' debunking of the theories here.The main Trade Centre theories are focussed on pre existing knowledge of the pending terrorist attacks, and that the towers were taken down by rather than as a result of the planes hitting the building.2. Moon landingThe 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing was a big fake, some say, with the US staging the whole exercise to appear as if NASA beat Russia in the lunar landing race.Read all of the lunar theories here.3. Princess Diana murderAfter Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed were killed in a Paris car accident while being pursued by 'paparazzi', rumours and theories did the rounds that the Royal Family were responsible for her death.Claims included one that Diana was pregnant to Al Fayed and was planning to marry him, raising the ire of the royals. Another said that M16 saw the relationship as a threat to the throne and took the much loved princess out.A good round up of Diana theories can be found here.4. Area 51 and RoswellUFO sightings are often by country bumpkins from small towns in the middle of nowhere, like the thriving metropolis of Roswell, New Mexico. It was here that a UFO supposedly crash landed back on July 8, 1947.Trailer park dwelling gents with glorious mullets and names like Cletus say the US military's claim that the flying saucer was nothing more than a weather balloon is rubbish and that parts of the alleged spacecraft were recovered from the scene. Some even say that extra terrestrial bodies were also found.The 'top secret' Area 51 base at a former nuclear test site in Nevada has long been rumoured to house everything from spaceships to little green men. Some believe that the US government has reverse engineered, built and tested flying saucers at Area 51.5. Alternative energy sourcesWe could be running our cars on water and powering our cities with fairy dust, if many theories on energy cover ups are to be believed.Scientific discoveries have supposedly been suppressed by oil companies, power companies and governments, which any reasonable person would think is highly likely.In the science world, many free energy claims are dismissed as impossible under currently accepted physical law   like perpetual motion machines and zero point energy.
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